Precarious People’s Party

Since 2019 I have been collaborating with artist Jea Alford on The Precarious People’s Party. PPP connects members of the contingent economy – people without secure full time work – to envision and advocate for economic and political futures where we can live and love powerfully.

PPP hosts conversations that connect people who work in various sectors of the “gig” economy, including artists, adjunct faculty, and workers in the “sharing” economy. This enables people to discuss contingent worker solidarity, experiment with ways to actualize the potential freedom of underemployment, and explore the possible paths forward for the future of work and/or a post-work society.

PPP also organizes in-person and online work parties to brainstorm and fabricate various forms of publications (in the most expansive definition of that term) which compile and distribute resources and ideas for local and global contingent workers and unemployed people.

Precarious People’s Party has published our findings in the form of sign spinning dances in public places, party hats and cakes, and straight-up written pieces in books.

Precarious People’s Party has been supported by CFAR, RACC, PSUFA & Santa Fe Art Institute