Resident Residency


Resident Residency is an artist residency initiated in 2014 to support artists staying home to focus on the place and people where they live and work. Resident Residency invited artists to participate in their respective neighborhood association meetings as a context for developing participatory public artworks. Artists worked as organizers, researchers, activists and fellow neighbors to create projects participatory projects in their own Portland neighborhoods.

The program was conceived by artists Katy Asher, Ariana Jacob and Khris Soden. Resident Residency received support from the Precipice Fund, a new granting fund that is supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation and administered by PICA. During this first year of the program the organizers are joined by Krista Connerly, Mack McFarland and Linda Wysong as the initial team of six artists in residence, testing the ground in what we hope will develop into national model.

Resident Residency Publication