Beaverton, OR

Outside the Beaverton Library I talked with a woman who votes conservative mostly because of her christian beliefs against abortion. In many ways her politics seemed very liberal to me but she said would vote against anything that would use her tax dollars to fund abortions, and she opposed the government requiring her to buy healthcare. Her husband came at the end and talked with us about how he objects to the Democratic party forcing people around with regulations. Afterwards a man who described himself as an evangelical christian who had been a Rush Limbaugh follower when he was young in the 1990s spoke with me about how he now feels that the real problem is corporate control of government. He believes that the tea party and the occupy movement are both working against the same enemy and hopes that other people realize that. When I asked him what had made his political beliefs move away from the far right he told a story about being called to jury duty and watching first-hand as the tough-on-crime measures he had previously voted for put a man in jail for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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